• Bona Sportive Hardener | Bona Finishes | 200ml class=

Bona Sportive Hardener | Bona Finishes | 200ml

Usable with the Bona Sportive range, this Bona Sportive Hardener comes in a 200ml bottle and is designed specifically to harden & toughen a Sportive finish!


  • Size: 200ml
  • Mixing Ratio: 40ml to 1L
  • Usable With: Bona Sportive Lacquer Finishes
  • Features: Hardens & Toughens | Used with Sportive Lacquers

Bona Sportive Finish is a 2-component hardwearing varnish specially developed for wooden floors in sports halls. It complies with the European standard for indoor sports surfaces (EN 14904:2006) and provides a safe surface for optimal sports performances. Furthermore it is recommended by the international basketball association (FIBA) for the highest level of international competitions. Sportive Finish has excellent levelling properties and is easy to work with on large floor areas. It uses a specially designed 2-component hardening system to provide extra safety margin and secure good results.

Finishing floors require a useful, resistant and suitable product to accomplish the job at hand, which is where Bona finishes excel. Versatile, easy to apply and formulated to prevent difficulties in the process of finishing a wooden floor. Try their products today to see their quality firsthand.

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Bona Sportive Hardener | Bona Finishes | 200ml

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