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This MS polymer mono-component Silane modified adhesive has a long open time and is very easy to apply. TOVER - Tovcol MS Start is recommended for any sizes and species of wood, including Solid and multi-layer wood floor floorings, pre finished or unfinished. Tover – Tovcol MS Start is Suitable for gluing solid wood Flooring up to 140 mm wide to almost any subfloor. TOVER - Tovcol MS Start Does not swell and is easy to clean off tools and hands. The 15kg product will cover approximately 1m² per Kg of adhesive. It is packaged in one tub ready to use.

  • Water and solvent free: 
  • Elastic and strong: 
  • Odorless and without risk symbol: 
  • Easy to apply: 
  • Easy to clean from prefinished floors: 
  • Recommended on underfloor heating systems: 
  • Size 15Kg: 
  • Trowel Suitable For Flooring Type: 
  • Suitable For Sub floor|Screeds|Chipboard|and Other Dry,Stable Sub Floors: 
  • Rapid Bonding|Versatile|Water & Solvent free: 

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